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Fishery/Environmental Linkages: Coastal Work

Work within coastal waters focuses on coastal rockfish resources and several aspects of their environment, including:
  1. analyses of historical recreational fisheries. This program is designed to assess trends in species composition and size distribution of the skiff and partyboat fisheries based in Monterey and Santa Cruz. These analyses use data taken by State and Federally funded sampling programs carried out by the California Department of Fish and Game since the late 1950s and are nearing completion;
  1. patterns in distribution of young-of-the-year rockfishes and associated environmental factors. This is a collaborative study with partial funding from Sea Grant. The research evaluates distribution and relative abundance of young fishes, and associated hydrographic data in relation to thermal fronts and upwelling plumes in the nearshore Monterey Bay area.
Rockfish distribution and Transport Processes
  1. Fisheries habitat research on west coast groundfish, including
    1. analysis of small-scale natural refugia for commercially and recreationally important species in the Monterey Bay submarine canyon system and
    2. applications to practical problems in fisheries management.
    3. This is a collaborative study with partial funding from several outside agencies. Using geophysical techniques (i.e., side scan sonar and seismic reflection) and a manned submersible, we are assessing the importance of deep-water submarine canyon habitats in Monterey Bay and surrounding central California coast as natural refugia to assemblages of large species of rockfishes. Abundance, size, and fine-scale distributions and habitat associations are determined along short video transects from the submersible in both lightly- and heavily-fished areas. These acoustic remote sensing techniques are also being evaluated for further applications to fisheries research problems in cooperation with the USGS. Applications of this research to fisheries management were examined at PFEL in the workshop Marine Harvest Refugia for West Coast Rockfish.
PFEG's Fisheries Habitat Research

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