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bullet Climate-Related Links

bullet Climate Change

El Nino Theme Page: distributed information on El Nino
Climate Change - The Science of Climate Change
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Research Program Highlights
Proxy data for climate reconstruction from corals, tree rings, pollen, ice cores, ocean sediments.
NOAA News Online (Story 531)
Patterns of global climate change in recent centuries... Link to Earth Interactions paper
Earth Interactions - Cover/Index Page
NOAA Paleoclimatology interactive report with temperature reconstructions
Description of Solar Variability and its contribution to Climate Change
NOAA Paleoclimatology Global Warming - The Story
A paleo perspective on global warming.
EPA Global Warming Site: Emissions
Greenhouse gas emmission levels.
NCDC: Global Warming
Good basic background on warming mostly terrestrial examples
NASA Goddard Institute: Doubled CO2 Equilibrium Climate Change
Global Climate Change Model you can run to predict temperature and other variables when the earth's atmosphere has twice the 1980 CO2 level.
NASA Goddard Institute: Forcings and Chaos in Global Climate Change
Global Climate Change Models used to separate effects of forcing from random variability.
The IPCC Data Distribution Centre: Visualisation Pages
View results of climate change models.
NASA Goddard Institute: Sea Level Rise
Description of possible sea leve rise from global warming and geologic perspective.
NOAA News Online (Story 399)
How will global warming affect the ocean
The Ocean, the Flywheel of Climate
Climate science links
Links compiled by USA Today to answer public questions about Climate.
IPCC The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
Intergovernmental Pandl on Climate Change 2000 asessment of regional impacts from global warming.

bullet Climate Variability
El Nino Theme Page: distributed information on El Nino
A wealth of information about El Nino, La Nina and related climate variations.
North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) thematic web site
Information on what is the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and links to related sites.
Welcome to the North Atlantic Oscillation www-page
Information on the North Atlantic Oscillation, climate variability in the North Atlantic.
NAO and Plankton
NAO and year to year variation in plankton production in North Sea and Celtic Sea.
Detailed report of the North Atlantic Oscillation and its relationship to different parts of the world

bullet Global Warming

EPA Global Warming Site
Environmental Protection Agency's site on Global Warming, possible effects and what we can do.
EPA Global Warming Site: Other Global Warming Sites
Links to other sites, International, Federal, State, Private, Research, and Educational Sites.
NASA Goddard Institute: GISS Spotlight
Information on NASA research into climate and Global Warming.
Global Change Home Page
Global Climate Change site, part of Pacific Institute, a nonprofit research and information organisation. Also has extensive list of links on climate change.
CLIMATE CHANGE / le changement climatique
Canadian perspective on Climate Change.
Winning and Losing the Global Warming Debate
Debate whose winning the climate change debate?
U.S. National Assessment - Climate Change Links
Links to assessment programs
EPA Global Warming: Impacts - Coastal Fisheries
EPAs overview of potential impacts to Coastal Fisheries from Global Warming

bullet Modeling
EPA Global Warming Site: Future Climate - U.S. Climate
US Climate models background.
Climate Modeling Research at NERSC
National Energy Reserch Scientific Computing Center research into modeling climate.
The IPCC Data Distribution Centre: Visualisation Pages

noaabullet Fishery-Related Links
DAS 21 Coastal and Marine Resources
PDF Report of Coastal and Marine Resources US National Asessment, Decision Analysis Series 21 Coastal Ocean Progrem, NOAA. link from
EL Nino & Fish Distribution
NMFS/NOAA page on effects of El Nino on fish distribution
Enso97 reports
Anecdotal reports of unusual fish, bird, and marine mammal sitings during 97-98.
The Effects of El Nino on Marine Life
Report on El Nino's effects on ocean species
The Effects of El Nino on Marine Life websites
El Nino Effects websites from Cambridbe Scientific Abstracts.
Baumgartner Abstract - Ocean Bibliography
Historic time series for 1700 years of Sardine and Anchovy from sediment records off California.
Paper describing the Pacific Decadal Oscillation in Climate.
Fisheries and Oceans Advances International Research on Climate and Stock Abundance
Papers by Ware and Beamish highlighted

bullet Salmon
Oregon Live: 7-2-99 Climate shift could boost salmon
Newspaper report of climate shift that may be favorable for Oregon salmon.
Climate & Salmon
Oregon State overview of salmon issues
Climate and Extinction Risk for Salmon
Paper on possible climate effects on stream phase of salmon life.
Climate Impacts and Salmon
Background on salmon and the climate from University of Washington
Climate change, fishing, alter salmon abundance
News release of Finney's Paper in Science, with link to it
Increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases
Potential impact of increased greeenhouse gasses on salmon report from University of Washington.
Global Warming and Fisheries
David Welch, Canada High Seas Salmon, Fisheries Scientist ability to forcast collapes will be lost. Risk increased.
Climate Change and Climate Variability
UCAR climate variability, salmon (Miller& Downton), annual reviews, other Glantz papers but not papers on salmon

noaabullet Bibliographies & Publications
El Nino Bibliographies
El Nino Bibiographies from the NOAA Library
EPA Global Warming Site: Impacts - Bibliography
Biblography of Global Warming possible impacts on birds, fish, andmammals
Ocean climate and regime shifts Bibliography
Bibliography from University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Columbia Basin Research Project. Focuses on North Pacific Ocean climate and fish, especially salmon.
The Effects of El Nino on Marine Life - Abstracts
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. Articles cited on Hot Topics web page 'The Effects of El Nino on Marine Life'
Pacific Institute -- Bibliography: Climate Change and Its Impact on Biodiversity
Searchable Bibliography on Climate Change and Living Organisms and Ecosystems
COAPS Effects of El Nino on Fish and Fisheries Bibliography
Effects of El Nino on Fish and Fisheries Bibliography from the COAPS Library. Other El Nino topics also available.
Maryland Sea Grant Research: The Effects of Temperature on Invertebrates and Fish - A Selected Bibliography
Searchable bibliography on temperature effects on fish and invertebrates. Originally developed for thermal pollution studies, expanded to climate change. Incomplete after 1993.

noaabullet Data Related
PFEL Climate & Marine Fisheries Main Data Sources Page
Data for Climate and Fisheries
FAO Fisheries Department Statistical Databases and Software
United Nations Food and Agriculture worldwide database of fisheries landings.
NMFS Fisheries Statistics and Economics
US federal statistics on all marine fisheries, both commercial and recreational. Includes commercial data from 1950. Recreational from 1981.
Welcome to PacFIN: the Pacific Coast Fisheries Information Network
Fisheries data for groundfish from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. Landings and value by species and port group.
Pacific RecFIN
Recreational fishing data from Washington, Oregon and California. Searchable on line. Catch and effort estimates from Marine Recreational FinFish Survey 1980-99
The IPCC DDC: The Scenario Gateway
Data used in various Global Climate Models in IPPC analysis. Visualization of results for several models, how they compare and FAQs about the data and the models.
Global Change Data Center
NASA's Global Change data center.
National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
Climate Data available from NOAA NCDC.
CIESIN Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network at Columbia University.

noaabullet Recent News & Information
bullettiny Oregon Live: Climate Shift Could Boost Salmon--7/2/99
Newspaper report of climate shift that may be favorable for Oregon salmon
bullettiny Scientific American Article on the Coming Climate

noaabullet Meetings & Organizations
bullettiny AFS Climate and Fisheries Symposium
shimWeb page for the American Fisheries Society Meeting

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