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The following data sets are currently available:

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ERD Monthly Observational Means
GTS Sea Surface Observations   Jan 1997 - present
GTSPP Real-Time Subsurface Temperature   Aug 1996 - present
GTSPP Best Copy Subsurface Temperature   Jan 1990 - Dec 1998

FNMOC 1 degree Monthly Fields
Sea Level Pressure   Nov 1996 - present
Interpolated Sea Level Pressure   Jan 1967 - present
Surface Winds at 20 meters   Dec 1996 - present
Surface Winds at 10 meters   Nov 1999 - present
Geopotential Height at 500mb   Jul 1998 - present

World Ocean Database 1998
1-degree Monthly Summaries
Temperature   Jan 1950 - Dec 1990
Temperature Climatology
Salinity Climatology
Mixed Layer Depth
Monthly Mixed Layer Depth - Temperature Criterion   Jan 1945 - Dec 1994
MLD Climatology - Temperature Criterion
Monthly Mixed Layer Depth - Density Criterion   Jan 1945 - Dec 1994
MLD Climatology - Density Criterion

ERD Derived Products
Monthly Upwelling Indices and Anomalies   Jan 1946 - present
Daily Upwelling Indices and Along-Shore Transports   Jan 1967 - present
Six-Hourly Upwelling Indices and Along-Shore Transports   Jan 1967 - present
Monthly Wind Products   Jan 1946 - present
Environmental Indices (NOIx, SOIx, SOI)   Jan 1948 - present

Global Upwelling Index
1-deg Monthly Summaries
SLP and Air/Ocean Indices   Jan 1967 - present
Global Upwelling Index   Jan 1967 - present
Current Month 6-hourly 1-deg Products
SLP and Air/Ocean Indices   Current Month
Global Upwelling Index   Current Month

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