Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory

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Upwelling and Air/Ocean Indices

Near Real-Time Upwelling Index, Sea Level Pressure and Geostrophic Winds
  • 6-hourly products updated daily
  • includes FNMOC 0600Z surface analysis for current day
  • Visualization and download available below at 15 North American
    coastal locations and 11 South American coastal locations
    OR globally on the Live Access Server

  • At PFEL's historical 15 locations on the North American coast:

    Choose a location and product:

  • At 11 locations on the South American coast:

    Choose a location and product:

  • At other locations worldwide:

    • To view 6-hourly 1-deg global plots of the current month's
      • Sea Level Pressure
      • Geostrophic Winds
      • Wind Stress
      • Wind Stress Curl
      • Ekman Transport
      or to subset and download this data, go to PFEL's Live Access Server. (Under "PFEL Global Upwelling Index and Derived Transports" click on "Current Month 6-hourly transports".)

    • To plot and download time series of upwelling index click on "Global Upwelling Index" then "Current Month 6-hourly" on the Live Access Server

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