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GTSPP Subsurface Temperature and Isotherm Depth

NOTICE:  You may soon notice a change (in appearance only) to these Internet web pages as we upgrade and improve our site in the coming weeks. The data products themselves will of course remain unchanged.  Thank you.

Standard Level 1-degree Monthly Means

Monthly means of MEDS (Canada's Marine Environmental Data Service) subsurface temperature observations which are received from NODC (NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center) by PFEL are available for download from PFEL's Live Access Server. The temperature data have been averaged on a 1 degree latitude/longitude grid and interpolated to 19 standard depth levels. The interpolation procedure to produce isotherm depth is a simple linear interpolation which begins at the surface.

Real-Time GTSPP - These data are received monthly and are are posted to this site around the middle of the month following the month of observation. Available: Aug. 1996 - present

Best Copy GTSPP - NODC receives higher resolution delayed-mode data which often duplicates or supercedes real-time profiles. The Best Copy data provide the most complete dataset, however the real-time data is updated more frequently. Available: Jan. 1990 - Dec 1998

For more information about these data and the quality control performed on them, please see the GTSPP home page.

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