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Below are PFEL SST anomaly maps which are available for your perusal, downloading, and comments. If you use these maps in your research, please read carefully the computational details. Also, please log in to our Guest Book to let us know about your research needs. This will help us continue to receive funding for our data services. Thanks!

March 21, 2011: The source of these data as well as the calculations involved have changed. The data are now being obtained from the U.S. GODAE server ( ) specifically the SFCOBS (Surface Observations: Ship, fixed/drifting buoy, and CMAN in-situ surface temperatures) available in binary format at . In order to have a consistent series, the maps as well as the summary data files have be recalculated using the GODAE data files. The old maps are still available up to Dec 2010

The maps are Portable Document Format (pdf) files. If you can't read pdf files, Acrobat Reader is available at no cost from Adobe.

Choose a region:

U.S. West Coast    Gulf of Alaska    Mexico/Caribbean Sea

Choose a Month:

(available starting Sept. 1998)

Viewing the maps : Each 1-degree square is color-coded based on the value of the temperature anomaly. The values range by more than -2 degree anomaly to greater than +2 anomaly by .5 degree increments. The values in each 1-degree square can be easily read by magnifying the map on-screen in the pdf viewer.

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