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Following on the scientific utility of PFEL's upwelling indices for the California Current System and the availability of global pressure fields since 1981, PFEL is preparing similar upwelling time series for other major coastal upwelling ecosystems. Monthly upwelling indices have been generated for specific locations in the Benguela, Canary and Peru-Chile eastern boundary current regions.

The algorithms used to compute these series were based on those used routinely to calculate the 3-degree pressure-derived ocean transport products, including the upwelling index, for the west coast of the U.S.

For the Peru-Chile Current region, PFEL produces monthly upwelling indices and anomalies from the long-term mean at 11 locations from 15S to 45S latitude. Time series of the monthly upwelling indices were created from 1981-present. The computing and archiving of 6-hourly upwelling index values for the Peru-Chile Current (1981-present) will also be completed shortly. These products are currently being evaluated for site selection and accuracy and will be routinely updated following this evaluation. You are welcome to contact PFEL to obtain these or similar products or to pass along your comments on them.

Similarly, time series have been created at 13 locations for the Canary Current from 12N to 48N latitude and for the Benguela Current at 7 locations from 15S to 33S latitude. These data will also be available on line after evaluation and quality checking. If you are interested in obtaining any of these products, or getting more information about their development, please contact PFEL.


Click Here for the Peru-Chile Current System Upwelling Index Data

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