Access to COADS Data

The information contained in COADS is extremely useful for a variety of areas of research, but for a number of reasons access to the dataset can be difficult when time series are desired for given local areas, rather than synoptic products. COADS Release 1 is sorted by time; obtaining time series requires reading the entire dataset. Simple, user-friendly software to produce time series of the data also is not available. And a number of studies have shown that access to the raw data is important for developing reliable time series of from the COADS data.

To solve these problems, the CEOS Project reorganized the CMR.5 version of COADS and stored all of it by area on CD-ROM. CEOS also developed the CODE program to quickly access, process, and summarize the stored data. CODE provides the means, variances, and number of observations for selected parameters from a specified ocean region within a chosen time period. The program creates an output file that can be easily imported into spreadsheet and graphics applications for additional editing, analysis, and display.