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    Everyone at ERD is truly saddened by the sudden death of Dave Foley. He passed away Sunday, December 8, 2013, in his residence. We all have terrific memories of Dave and two emails that we have received capture his unique spirit.

    Dave Foley Memorial website

    Chelle Gentemann, Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa, CA, wrote to the GHRSST team in the US:

    "Roy Mendelssohn just passed on the sad news that our friend and colleague, Dave Foley unexpectedly passed away Sunday. He will be dearly missed not only for his endless enthusiasm for science, but for his wonderful personality. He led the field on incorporating operational oceanographic data, such as SST, into ecological forecasts of salmon stocks, regional distribution of whale species and endangered turtles, and populations of anchovies and sardines. His quirky personality and good humor will be sorely missed.

    I'm going to miss him greatly. He was just one of those people that stood out in a crowd." - Chelle

    And from Ken Casey, NOAA/NODC/NESDIS Technical Director

    "Dear NODC, First the passing of Mitch, and now I've just learned of more sad news for NOAA and the NODC community... Dave Foley, a longtime friend and collaborator at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center's Ecosystem Research Division in Pacific Grove, CA, passed away Sunday unexpectedly. I don't have any additional details at this time.

    Dave was a great champion for our efforts at NODC, and had a special talent for taking the data we work so hard on and bringing it to life through its application to critical ecosystem management questions. He shard our ethos for making data useful and meaningful, and that spirit drove his actions to support so many others in achieving so much through his involvement in programs like CoastWatch, IOOS, and GHRSST, among others. I don't know how he did it, but he somehow managed to be fully engaged in efforts like these yet remain above their daily stresses, above the fray, always peaceful, always rational.

    Personally, I will miss Dave's gentle wit, calm demeanor, and collaborative spirit. He had a deepness of presence that is hard to describe... quiet yet strong. If you've been fortunate enough to enjoy the unique feeling of a swim call on a fair day in the middle of the ocean, a thousand miles from land with 5000m of water below your feet, having Dave around was something like that."


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