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4th Annual Salmon Ocean Ecology Meeting

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15-16 January, 2002

National Marine Fisheries Service
Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Santa Cruz Laboratory
Santa Cruz, California

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Meeting Structure and Theme

This is the fourth in a series of informal meetings designed to foster communication among researchers working on the ocean ecology of Pacific salmon. The purpose of the meeting is to highlight work in progress, and we thus encourage presentation of speculative and “not-quite-polished” results.

The first day of the meeting will be devoted to a theme and the second day to contributed papers, including general ecosystem observations. Given that the meeting will be held near or beyond the southern end of most species geographic ranges, the theme for the first day this year is "Adaptations of Pacific Salmon to Extreme Ocean Environments." Salmon production and ocean survival vary out of phase in Alaska and the west coast, and papers the first day should examine how ocean variability impacts salmon at the extremes of their ranges. What characteristics of salmon biology and ocean variability cause these differences? What determines the boundary between the "north response" and the "south response" and how does it vary? What role does the ocean play in the range endpoints of different species or the boundaries of ESUs?

One of the valuable contributions of this meeting is keeping a regular watch on the ocean ecology of salmon in the eastern Pacific coastal margin. The second day will be devoted to more general ecosystem observations and ecological papers. Why was 1992-1998 so bad for so many populations/species of salmon? In the last year, the productivity of the California Current has apparently changed sign and ocean conditions are now highly favorable for recovery of coho stocks. What is it about the ocean that is different pre- and post-2000? Are there indications that Gulf of Alaska stocks have "changed sign"? Speculative thoughts on the operation of this system are welcome, including information on zooplankton, chlorophyll and nutrient data from various programs along the west coast and Gulf of Alaska.

Meeting Steering Committee

George Boehlert, NOAA/NMFS Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory
Richard Brodeur, NOAA/NMFS, Newport Laboratory
Churchill Grimes, NOAA/NMFS, Santa Cruz Laboratory
Skip McKinnell, PICES Secretariat
Bill Peterson, NOAA/NMFS Newport Laboratory

Scenes from the meeting

2002 Salmon Ocean Ecology Meeting Animation

Individual Photos


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